Word play

Recently, I have been lucky enough to be part of some branding work at my company. Since language and messaging is a big part of the process, I’ve been thinking a lot about words and what they stand for, their exact meaning and nuance. An interaction with a colleague has resulted in the following. Of course, this is just one perspective. You can just as easily reverse it or have a different take. The gender bias introduced was likely an effect of reading all the content related to Women’s day celebrations.

Good friends

I met them after a long time,
my friends Better and Best.
Better told fascinating tales of her journey,
Best only spoke of his conquests.
Best spoke of his gifts and talents;
it was a boastful parade.
Better spoke of all her hard work
and the choices she had made.
Best just talked and talked;
he seemed full of hot air.
Better asked really good questions
and then listened with care.
Best was arrogantly superlative,
his statements all declarative.
Better was graciously self-comparative,
Told a lifelong student’s narrative.
Best was static and stagnant,
he didn’t know how to change.
Better was flexible and agile,
with a wide dynamic range.
Best feared his downfall
and worried how he would cope.
Better was full of courage;
she had the audacity of hope.
When I first met them in grammar school,
I thought he’d beat the rest.
He’d come out on the top,
after all they named him Best.
How naive I was I know now
about who was the go-getter.
Best is still really good
But Better is, you know, better.
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