Happy new year

A cousin sent this poem on our whatsapp group.


Shanta Shelke’s words have a way to touch your heart with their simplicity and elegance. This is my quick attempt to put her poetry in my own words, just so it can reach a wider audience.

which book which writer
what script and what language
an invisible hand that turns

the pages of time endless

the memory of the past year
summons fears in my heart
on this brand new page

will hope pierce through the dark?

with each roar of the wild sea
the sand sinks bit by bit
And yet to greet every new wave

the shore awaits with beauty and grit

as my words console me
my smile breaks down every tear
i stand here with my arms open
to welcome you, oh new year!
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2 Responses to Happy new year

  1. Mukta says:

    Amazing poem. Had not read before.
    Loved the translation too 🙂

    • Thanks Mukta! I re-read the translation after over a year now and realize it doesn’t do much justice. Oh well. May be it’s progress if you don’t like your past work!

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