Ganapati Bappa Morya

Origami Ganesha with his companion, origami mouse

Origami Ganesha with his companion, origami mouse

Today is Ganesha chaturthi, the first day of an important Indian festival. Ganesha is a Hindu god, popularly known to the west as the “elephant god”. A lot of people take offense at this term, but I actually like it. I think this nickname says that there is a good story behind it and represents how fun filled Hindu culture is! Anyway, Ganesha or Ganapati is my favorite god. I am not a very religious person, but I do have a favorite god. And with good reason. Ganapati is the god of knowledge. The image of Ganapati in my head is that of a very enthusiastic teacher, with a great sense of humor, who makes learning a lot of fun! To worship him is to set out on an exciting quest for knowledge, an idea that sits well with my agnostic inclinations. So today, to celebrate this auspicious day, I folded an origami Ganapati. While I was folding, I found myself talking to him, basically because he was being naughty and refused to let me curl his trunk for him! But once I pleaded, he co-operated and I was pretty happy with the result. That gave me the idea of praying to my origami Ganapati because Lord Ganapati may or may not exist! Not that it matters a whole lot, for I am going to go after all that I ask in the prayer below in any case, but this way I have some one to share my wish list with! So here is a prayer for you, my origami Ganesha!

To resolve the confusion that reigns in my mind
I seek direction and clarity
To pacify the turmoil that swirls in my heart
I seek inner strength and equanimity

For the times I wander far away from myself
I seek self awareness and focus
For the times I linger too long on myself
I seek humility and benevolence

To rise above the illusions of this world
I seek courage and freedom
To understand and uncover my own pure self
I seek truth and wisdom

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14 Responses to Ganapati Bappa Morya

  1. upasnakakroo says:

    what a nice prayer Shruti! Uncovering the self is a life long project! And lovely Origami efforts too, I really liked the mouse 🙂
    Upasna at Someplace Else

    • Yeah, I folded the Ganapati and folded the mouse as an after thought! I like the mouse much better too 🙂 Self discovery is indeed a life long project! Good for us though, we’ll always be busy, never bored!

  2. Surabhi says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you. Ganapati is my favorite God too.

  3. Dushyant says:

    Good show all around 😉 great origami ( the mouse!!) and sincere resolutions! Can’t falter.

  4. Neeti says:

    Masta Origami! Didnt know you are into it too 🙂
    And also the amazing writing.. (and the thoughts 🙂 ) .. this part I know you are into 😉

  5. Vaishali Vahini says:

    Shruti, I am amazed at the fantastic origami and the earnest prayer. Ganapati Bappa has showered all his blessings on you, which can be seen from your ‘Pratibha’ manifested thru both – the prayer and the origami. You are so evolved and matured Shruti!

    • Vaini, You are too generous and kind to praise me like that! Not to mention that you are very biased because you are my vaini 🙂 But thank you anyway! I am not sure if I am evolved and mature, but definitely hope to be!

      • Vaishali Vahini says:

        I saw your GanapatI Bappa again & again…..I am finding him giggling (galatlya galat hasato aahe prasanna houn). Mouse faar gaud aahe. He is looking very bhoola bhabada. It is amazing that you could bring out expressions thru origami.
        By the way I am happy to be biased (though my remarks are not biased) , as you are my favourite nanand!

  6. Advait says:

    The origami is AMAZING! :O and your writing, as delightful and interesting as it always is! 😀

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