Spring from her window

I was home all day yesterday due to a sprained ankle. And yesterday was so beautiful! Hardly a day to be stuck at home. All I could do is look out my window. Turns out it wasn’t so bad! As the rain and sun played with each other, this played in my head!

DSC_0594She sits by her window
Sipping pink lemonade
As the soft rays filter in
And seek the shade
When the drops fall in rhythm
She listens to the rain
And the music it makes
With the sill and the pane
A sensuous breeze comes
And makes the chimes sway
She recognizes the scent
From a land far away
She stands up to breathe
As she closes her eyes
The grey clouds pass
To reveal the blue skies
She pictures a meadow
With melodies in the air
Unexplored, unknown paths
That invite her out there
She sits by her window
Watches the spring begin
Smiles at the beauty out
And feels it within!

If you have a window, no walls can bind you. Let the rays come in and awaken, let the drops trickle in and tickle, let the scents transport you to magical lands! Keep your window open and let the world in!

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