Wood floorings and fake drinks

I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy relentlessly for the past few weeks. It is well past the point where it used to be interesting, but I am completely smitten with Patrick Dempsey’s character, Dr. Derek Shepherd. I can’t really stop till he is there in the series. Anyway, I forget what season I am watching, but these are two moments in the season that I absolutely loved.

Most of the hospital staff goes through a really tough time when a man with a gun walks into the hospital and kills people randomly. In the aftermath of this shooting, Christina Yang, who is a very ambitious resident suffers from PTSD. She tries to fight it. She loses it in an OR during a surgery and later goes on to save a patient successfully. But right after that, she quits her job. Everybody, her husband included, is shocked and is very eager to talk to her. They can’t seem to comprehend why she did what she did. They want to convince her to get back to surgery. And although it is the right thing to do eventually, at that point, she needs something else. And Shepherd understands that. He makes sure no one else can get to her, takes her to the roof top with a bottle of wine and talks to her. He has a serious conversation with her about what flooring to have in the living room. And when they are done and about to leave, he asks her, “You good ? Want to talk about anything else ?” And then they sit back down and chat about bathroom tiling.

We live in a high pressure system where there is always a need for a relief valve. In fact, there is a need for different kinds of relief valves. Someone to go to dinner with, someone to plan wedding dresses with, someone to discuss Warli paintings with, someone to share a hug with, someone to cry with, someone to laugh with and like Yang, someone to chat with. All I can say is, I am very thankful that I have plenty of these in my life.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Christina Yang and Meredith Gray, who are best friends, have sort of had an argument, a small fight.  For days they don’t even talk to each other, or look each other in the eye. Meredith knows that Christina is not really mad at her but just angry about the situation. Christina is broken, has quit her job and can’t really process anything well. They are staying out of each other’s way, when finally, with Derek’s help Christina does get back to work. When Meredith finds out, she finds Christina and walks up to her. And then, all Christina says is, “You want to get a drink ?” Meredith smiles and replies, “I do”. And they walk away, talking about how Meredith can’t really drink as she is trying to get pregnant. No sorry, no hugs. No “Thank god you are back”. No crying. Just smiles. And drinks. Well, fake drinks.

I think everyone should have a friend like that. As if nothing ever happened in between. Shouldn’t matter what separated you. Fight. Distance.Time. A friend with whom you can pick up right where you left off. Again, all I can say is, I am very lucky.


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2 Responses to Wood floorings and fake drinks

  1. Dushyant says:

    I can’t honestly stand that show except for its cover songs 😉 but I do completely agree. I am glad you have such friends. And I am gladder that I made mine when I was much younger. We just replaced coffees with beers to go with our discussions 🙂

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