A True Constant

You wake up everyday and head out to go to work. Most days are normal. You are not super excited about work but you are happy to go do your job. Some days are crazy and the only thing you can think of is coming back home, especially Fridays 🙂 And others bring with them such a sense of achievement that you want to just keep working. Either way,  your work is always there. Everyday. Waiting for you. Needing you.


For most, it is something that they like to do. Very few get lucky and do what they love to do. The unlucky ones just do it so that they can spend the rewards on more rewarding things. And millions of us do it to make ends meet. But unlike many other less fortunate people, all of us, have a job. Feeding us. Taking care of us.

As I look back now, I think of all the times I was in a ditch in my life. How my work kept me busy. Happy. Away from the insanity. Alive in the chaos. And as I look ahead, and think of all the crests and troughs that I am yet to encounter, I feel great solace in knowing that I will have a job. Holding me. Carrying me.

I guess,  I never looked at it this way. As a loyal friend. The underlying bass in the cacophony and harmony of life. A true constant.

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