Summer Fog

I watched a movie named “House of Sand and Fog” a few days back. The movie has a simple trivial plot that is elevated to a whole new level by powerful performances. I definitely recommend watching it. I wrote this poem a couple of days after I watched the movie. I dedicate it to the actors and the makers of the film.

She stands there helpless
As the gloom descends
A gray fog rolls in
With false pretense
The sun resigns
As it creeps with stealth
Colors fade
And contours melt
Smothering the senses,
Smudging the smiles
Warping realities
In its treacherous guile
Stripping away brave faces
They turn wan and white
Taking away all strength
Spreads its reign of blight
Engulfing the radiant souls
With a colorless shroud
Shameless deed hidden
It spreads an ominous cloud
Gratified, it lifts slowly
She sees nothing left behind
Only the brooding ocean
And a heaviness in her mind
Every day she waits
For the dream infused night
To see the sunny faces
Peeking through the light
Her world now an illusion
Each step a slog
Only one thing that is real
Her friend, her foe, the Fog

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2 Responses to Summer Fog

  1. Rujuta says:

    Hey muli,
    I watched the movie too recently. Disturbing is the word that came to mind. And yes the most part of it is the gloom of the fog. Brilliant poem btw, totally felt like the essence of the movie!!

  2. Glad you liked the poem. And yes, the movie indeed is really disturbing! I had to watch a series of rom-com flicks to get back to being normal.

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