Lost Love




A lonely violin weeps in the distance
Her voice floats through the cold winter air
The majestic full moon
With her milky white brilliance
Kisses the river and says a gentle prayer
A sudden cold breeze stings their faces
His arm slips around to keep her warm
A rare precious teardrop
And his soft sweet caresses
As she quietly hums their long forgotten song
Been a long time since they took that walk
On the bridge where they first met
Now but a dark shade of their past
Deep sorrow the only thing that is left
All they want is to end their agony
Take the moment in and fill up their hearts
To forgive and forget
And make a new memory
Erase the bitter ones that engulf their past
Once again on the bridge where they first met
They open themselves to each other and cry
And both their eyes that are silent and wet
Promise each other to keep hope and try

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