The Alchemist

My window frames a changing sky
Mountains slain, towers crowned high
People rush and roam carefree
Young perennials in audacious revelry
Stare amusingly as I stand by
I remember not when, but it was long ago
I diverted the path of the natural flow
I had burned my life so that I may find
An eternal body and an infinite mind
To freeze me before I grow
And then they came, like greedy hounds
Their love for life knew no bounds
Shamelessly they fought and killed
And as I saw their wishes fulfilled
I realized the evil I had spilled
Now I lay here for years with a foolish hope
Hammering away at this cruel rope
A timeless tether I wish to break
Trying to undo my ghastly mistake
Seeking a fresh elixir to alter the truth
Of unending life and undying youth
I know I am close, coz often I dream
Of the day when I will melt into the soil
To flow silently into the stream
That will be the end of my turmoil
I wish I will one day seek relief
In a world of death, in a world with grief

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