A Colorful Affair

A lonely little boy dances outside
Forgetting all the nights he had tried
To block the two quarrelling voices
And found not a single place to hide
But today he dances, jumps and hops
For he has heard the pitter patter of the drops
A silver haired head and two weary eyes
Bow in gratitude towards the skies
They have lived through this dreadful wait
Believing God is not cruel, he is just late
But today they let out their worst fear
For their utopia is finally here
Two young hearts standing under a roof
Thinking of all the years they have been aloof
Their eyes have waited to look into each other
Their breaths have waited to melt together
But today their hands finally meet
As they hold a cup of chai at the side of a street
A lady clad in melancholy white
Has courage in her heart, eyes shining bright
She has lived a colorless lonely life
Fearing to move on, because she was once his wife
But today she runs out and whirls around
Accepting her new love, a new life she has found
Such is the magic of the melting sky
It brings out the powers hidden in you and I
Killing our blues and grays, it paints us all green
It uncovers the wonder that has been unseen
With millions of prisms sprayed in the air
Rain is always a colorful affair

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