The Reflection

Inside the looking glass
That hangs on my wall
I see you standing everyday
Who are you?
I have always wondered
Is that where you always stay?
I look at your eyes
Those deep watery eyes
What are they trying to say?
And then I know
You are my friend
The friend I lost one autumn day
It was a long time ago
My world broke down
And thus began my slow decay
But you kept warning
With your cold eyes
When the cruel world led me astray
I know I am wrong
But do you have to tell me so
Why do you always get in my way?
Why can’t you be?
Like you used to be
Tears when I am sad, smiles when am gay
Now you show no pity
Share no sorrow
Why is it me that you always betray?
And yet I seek you
For I know because of your eyes
Inside me, God still chooses to stay

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