Summer in a seashell

Unaware of the inside
I opened my childhood case
A gush of memories
Sent me in a happy daze
Out came a seashell
I held it to my ear
Sudden silence all around
I heard the sea’s murmur
It told me of pebbles picked
As I waded on the beach
The pink blossoms plucked
Jumping for those beyond reach
And how much I enjoyed
Football games with all the cheer
And the boat rides with Mario
He was so simple, yet queer
The colors on my fingers
As I collected butterfly wings
The search through nana’s closet
For her treasured silver shillings
And my very first love
Everything seemed new
Flushing cheeks and silent eyes
Skinny dips in deep water blue
Fishing with all my friends
By the cove every weekend
The shellfish thief we caught
We had chased him till the very end
Fiercely we climbed and raced
Our childhood danced all around
Each day in that cozy village
Fun and mischief did abound
Around an hour later
Alas! It was time for farewell
My memories neatly tucked
I put the summer, back in the seashell

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4 Responses to Summer in a seashell

  1. Nikhil K says:

    What delightful nostalgic imagery! Your poems just keep getting better and better. 🙂
    Is it fact or fiction or a little bit of both?

  2. Shruti says:

    @Nikhil: You guessed it right. Most of it is fact but one particular incident (shell fish thieves)and the title itself is borrowed from a Slovenian movie 🙂 The movie in itself wasn’t the best, but its title left a lasting impression on me 🙂

  3. AJ says:

    I am amazed at how much a story and its nuances you can convey through your poems….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome poem – I could paint a picture just by reading it…
    But doesn’t completely look like Dapoli to me 🙂

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