The coffee table

An aromatic cloud of hazelnut vapor
Tickles it out of its slumber
The cuckoo on the wall sings good morning
Ready to embrace the coffee stains
It awaits the day’s first gilding.
As the clock strikes seven, old John walks in
And lays the Daily Times widespread
News is always good when inverted
Backwards it is better read.
The morning goes by fast
As it watches hurried businessmen
And busy students come in
To get that strong awakening sip
Coz a manic Monday is about to begin.
And then it hopes all afternoon
For those fragile hands it had held
The beautiful redhead in yellow,
On seeing her today all its senses meld.
Refreshed, it is ready for some physics
Though it doesn’t understand any
It watches the mad scientist scribble
On its majestic mahogany
Evenings are always the most memorable
Millions of dreams broken by its side
Millions of new hopes ahead
Hearts dancing to the gramophone tunes
It can hear all the words unsaid.
Lost in the magic of a first date
Sharing the warmth of the two bodies
It then faces the blues as it absorbs
Moisture on a pair of melancholy cheeks
And the despair in some silent sobs
Night falls and a goodbye is said
To the white lily with a withered head
And then is said a heartfelt merci
To Amy, the owner’s kind wife
For bringing it and old friend Grammy
Away from their worthless vintage life

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5 Responses to The coffee table

  1. Gargi says:

    On reading this, I remembered “the autobiography of a letter” essay I had written in school [:)]
    Great imagination and you have put it across very well..
    even though we don’t talk that often, keeping in touch through blogs is great! Isn’t it? [:)]

  2. Anoop says:

    Beautiful poem! Keep imagining such wonderful lines 🙂

  3. Ajay says:


  4. Nikhil K says:

    “Night falls and a goodbye is said
    To the white lily with a withered head”
    Exquisite imagery in addition to the impeccable rhyming.

  5. Marie Parmar says:

    Hey Shruti – that was lovely ! You should write more and keep your blog updated – I love reading what you write!

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