He and I

A few days back, I saw a documentary on J. Robert Oppenheimer. Most of it was about his and other scientists’, physicists’ involvement in the Manhattan Project(to develop the first nuclear weapon). A few of them honestly accepted that they had dual feelings when Hiroshima was bombed. It was then that I had written this poem, but it took me a while to refine and post it.
He and I
He said,
What for does your brain toil?
Can it not see all that wreckage, the turmoil?
It’s not a boon, this power of yours, it is a bane.
Stop! Listen to me, please don’t be insane.
I said,
Wrong you are, my dearest friend.
Our people we are just trying to defend.
Don’t you talk of this as an evil power
All it will do is end the war
He said,
Didn’t you hear what they said?
After your success, thousands will be dead
Life will be in ashes, within a blink
Breathe for a moment, pause to think
I said,
These thoughts have no place in my mind
The mysteries of the atom, I need to find
It is not a crime, neither is it a sin
It’s a race against myself, and I need to win
He said,
No one left by their side to mourn
I see those souls burnt and bodies torn
How do we live this life of such sin and shame?
Why couldn’t I stop you from playing this game!
I said,
With all this guilt you have to deal
That is not, however, how I feel
I see my orbits and accelerators, I have no grief
Those numbers worked! Oh! What a relief!!

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One Response to He and I

  1. Nikhil K says:

    Comment karavi tar blog var! 🙂
    Kavita surekh ahe, sahaj ani fluidly lihites tu. I liked your portrayal of J.R.O as someone possessed by an urge to reach the unknown scientific frontiers, regardless of the consequences thereof. Ani, tu documentary baghitali ahesach, so you will surely know what I am about to say. J.R.O was a fascinating man, with a deep study of Eastern philosophy. He was especially influenced by the Bhagavad Gita. Which leads me to wonder, how much of his work was due to the philosophy of “Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana”. Perhaps that choice to do one’s duty to science and to the civilized world made him ignore the destructive power of the bomb. In his own words the bomb that said ‘ I am become Death, Destroyer of the Worlds ‘. Anyways, great poem!
    ps: Contrast JRO with Andrei Sakharov @

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