I remember holding your hand
when we climbed to the top of the cliff
and watched the lonely boat pass by
I remember standing by your side
on the bridge with the drowning sun
as the gypsy gal sang him a colorful goodbye
I remember your wonderful eyes
as they reflected my face in the night,
how I felt them on me, even as I looked away
I remember the magical void
the space between us as we saw the starry skies
when the world stood still at the end of the day
I remember the laughter
when I went crazy dancing, and you smiled
as my body clumsily revolved all around
I remember the speechless walk
to the tall bright tower at the end of the road
and the huge bell that made the euphonic sound
I remember every single thing
every hour, every minute and every second
of those wonderfully enchanted evenings
And yes I will remember my cloudy eyes
as they try to find you right now,
and wish that I’d been born with wings

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One Response to Reminiscence

  1. Ajay says:

    You amaze me with every new one. Stunning !

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