When Love Begins

This post is not meant to scandalize anybody who reads it. I wanted to write something like this after I saw Titanic and read Atlas Shrugged 🙂
There she is as he saw her last
With the candles shining on her breasts
Tender, asleep, naked and glowing
She reminds him of their earlier quests
He wakes her up, and she comes to life
Then begins a naked moonlit dance
His hand on her slender trembling waist
A shy step back followed by a fierce advance
Their faces feel each other and laugh
And their eyes see heaven as they close
Fingers play, toes twist
Let’s have some mischief, they propose
They meet body to body, mind to mind
Where the wind is wild, the air magnetic
The moment has no start, nor an end
About to begin are times ecstatic
Times of warm breath and painful gasps
Moments of weakness, moments of might
Yet pleasure comes in infinite dimensions
The hour stops. Souls unite.
Where a body begins and the other ends?
Now no boundary exists to define
Love has started, so has its beautiful form
He smiles when she says, “You are all mine!”

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3 Responses to When Love Begins

  1. upendra phatak says:

    amazing depiction ..
    They meet body to body, mind to mind … and then maybe at the summit .. hearts resonate ..
    too good …

  2. Nick says:

    pretty nicely written.

  3. A reader... says:

    Interesting, intriguing, clean depiction of something that needs some careful attention to details be put in to words. Good job… look forward to read more of this…

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