Good Morning Minneapolis

I had taken a walk by the stone arch bridge and Nicollet island area in Minneapolis on a beautiful sunny morning last semester. The last few warm bright days reminded me of that time. So here is what I felt that day.
Good Morning Minneapolis
the city awakes long before the alarm clocks ring
by the falls early morning, the new day is brought in
a treasure trove of crystals, of pristine silver snow
untouched it lies on the bank, making a resplendent show
the radiant silver barks, reflecting the shimmer
no leaves no flowers, naked beauty and it’s glimmer
majestic the river, from the heaven does it flow?
to earth where the sun kisses it and makes it glow
the dance of the sparkling water, the rippling,
and its reflection on the bridge walls, patterns glittering
a flush of ducks that sails in peace, leaves a calm trace
then some wild fluttering and a sudden change of pace
from the chimney quad rises the sunlit steam
golden vapor filled air, that shines in the beam
a bridge arc and its reflection, the complete circular brilliance
of shapes and symmetries, the simple subtle elegance
the mill stands fallen, but speaks of flourishing past
the ruins stand proud, and the rich heritage will last
the tall concrete in the backdrop, towering sky high
trophies of human progress, growing as time passes by
the birth place of the city, where it rose from the ground
where every morning life begins and then spreads around

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3 Responses to Good Morning Minneapolis

  1. Ajay says:

    Your lovely words remind me of each moment spent here
    One look at the high rises stirs up my sensations
    I share these feelings for the place that is my new home..
    To my mind, brings the downtown in my eyes as it first shone !

  2. Nikhil K says:

    Well Written Indeed!
    Its a terrific city full of incredible people. I have been very lucky to spend two years here, with the prospect of a few more to come.

  3. Mukta says:

    You have captured the charm of the city in lines so few,
    But the beauty is that you have written what it means to you.

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