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The past isn’t dead. In fact,it isn’t even past.

“You need to help those people from my country because you are in a much better condition than all of them are”, said Alice Musabende, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. She spoke of the holocaust, of her neighbors who … Continue reading

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A journey begins…

I start a new journey today… Where am I going? I don’t know… Trying to see what time has to show… Yesterday there was joy unbounded… I can’t see it around anymore… Was all of it completely ill-founded? But today … Continue reading

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Hamako manakii shakti denaa …

Hamako manakii shakti denaa, mana vijaya karen Duusaro.nkii jaya se pahale, khudakii jaya karen Hamako manakii shakti denaa … Bheda-bhaava apane dilase, saaf kara saken Duusaro.nse bhuul ho to, maaf kara saken Jhuutha se bache rahen, sachakaa dama bharen Duusaro.nkii … Continue reading

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