Shelter in Minneapolis

The total number of days I have met him is definitely not more than thirty.The total number of times I have been to his house is exactly two. And yet, the second time I went to his place with a few friends, I felt like one of the young birds who return to their nest after a long tough day. As I ate the food he made, I felt the kind of satisfaction I felt after a lunch at my grandmother’s house. His mere presence gives me the re-assurance that everything that is currently wrong in my life, will soon be alright Amidst this ostentatious world, his humility and simplicity creates an island of comfort around him. A place where I can be just myself, a place where I am protected. There are places where you go, when you want to feel at peace with yourself. I realized a couple of days back, that for me, one of those places is DK.

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