Our little angels

As I looked at my room-mate China and her son, cuddling each other like mommy dog and a puppy, I wondered how China must have felt when she first saw Nathan. In fact, I wondered what all parents feel when they see their new born children. I just had to write this.
Wrapped in your father’s proud arms, you look at me and smile
And I see your tiny toes and fingers, they are so fragile
Those rosy lips purse and make a gentle kiss
This feels like heaven, it feels like bliss
It’s been a long wait, every month, every day
And yes I know what your angel eyes want to say
We too have waited long for all of us to meet
Thank you sweet hearts! For you make us feel complete

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One Response to Our little angels

  1. Nikhil K says:

    This is just a reminder, come rain or snow, life goes on. We should shrug off the past and plod on into the dawn.

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