a dull day, a bright night

A few days back, I had gone for an after-dinner walk in the neighborhood. It was not a conscious decision to go for a walk. My subconscious seemed to lead me away from the bothering stillness of my house. I looked back upon that day and realized that it was one of the most useless days of my life. I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed with some sort of aversion towards life in general. I had wanted to run endlessly like Forrest Gump in the hope to get to some unknown place; a place that was void of all the dullness of my everyday life. But I had realized I couldn’t. I had no time even to go for a jog, because I had to get to office; to the closed confined space of my cubicle. I hadn’t worked even half as efficiently as I usually did. Every now and then I had felt like leaving office and going back home. But I had realized that life would be no different tomorrow and that had made me stay put in my office. All this sluggishness I had felt through out the day had carried over to the night. I was just dragging my body through a seemingly gloomy lane when all of a sudden the porch light of the house I passed by, lit up. I was startled for a moment and then realized that it was probably the lady in the house doing a usual night check on the porch. But then I passed by the second house and its porch light went on and so did the next one and the one after that. All the houses in the row lit up one by one as I passed by them; each house throwing limelight on me. I felt like a celebrity. It was a grand walk which took away all the boredom of my entire day. At one point I also felt like Midas; I made every house glow by my mere presence. This gave me a feeling of having a super-natural power, of doing something non-routine and that made me smile. It freed me from the mundane-ness that had gripped me and I realized that life wasn’t all that monotonic.
Sometimes when we lose ourselves in stagnancy and routine, we must remember that there is a bright moment just around the corner. We must bear in mind that it is important to go on, because who knows, may be there is a row of lit up houses waiting to welcome us.

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One Response to a dull day, a bright night

  1. Of course, you would have figured out the boring “real” explanation while on the walk. But the surreal just attracts us more doesn’t it. I do like your explanation better in any case 🙂
    Btw, you have written this and the post before this on the wrong dates !

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