A harmonious evening

Sitting in a small but comfortable rocking chair in my porch, I was enjoying the cool breeze. The wind chimes tinkled every time the breeze embraced them. It seemed as if together they were playing that brilliant music only for me. By my side I had a nice fruit snack made of sliced strawberries and oranges, with a pinch of salt and sugar. The sky was still bright and blue but the sun slowly wanted to go to bed. I could see people on the road taking their pets for a walk and greeting me as they went by. And amidst all this I was reading “Atlas Shrugged”, a book I had left unread a few years back and now wondered why. There were so many things around me and yet I could concentrate completely on each one of them. I could hear the wind chimes, say “Hello” to the people passing by, watch the changing colors in the sky, relish my delicious fruit snack and yet keep a track of Slug and Frisco’s summers in Atlas Shrugged. It was a perfect harmony and a perfect meditation. After a little while a small cat came right in front of me out of nowhere. She just sat there by my feet, adding to the harmony with her intermittent purring. I realized it was dark only when I could not read easily any further. I got up to go inside and found myself humming a tune but couldn’t recollect which it was exactly. As I picked up my things I captured the whole evening in my memory. The exact origins of the tune I was humming were troubling me though. While entering the door, I could recollect where that tune came from. I immediately turned back to smile at the porch where I had spent one of the best evenings of my life. The tune was the background track of the movie “Life is beautiful”.

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1 Response to A harmonious evening

  1. Nikhil says:

    Nice. How far have you caught up on Slug’s life? Isn’t the track from Life is Beauiful incredibly sad and poignant???

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