And then it will rain

I know I will never reach that place
That which is so crowded yet so lonely
This is where true joy lies unfolded
Amidst swirls of laughter
Amongst friends to share
I don’t want to reach that place
That which is so dark and void
Yet the eyes will begin to empty themselves
And begin to create a hollow inside
The tears, they flow on the surface
Unaware about the pain within
Unaware of the life below
And then it will rain.

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4 Responses to And then it will rain

  1. Nikhil K says:

    Mala jhepalich nahi hi kavita! Tuzya kadun poetry appreciaition class ghein ;). I am assuming tht this too is a Lobo piece. Pan rythm chaan lilting vaTato.

  2. Nikhil K says:

    Update Please…
    Your readers are getting impatient… 🙂

  3. rashmi says:

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  4. Mangesh says:

    Did you write any of them ??? They are exceptionally good !

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