Thanks for listening!!

Are we all losing the capability to listen? I know that this is a pretty stupid question. Coz we all are listening; listening to our professors, to our colleagues and to our friends. So I am sure it’s only me who feels this way. But it is has been a persistent feeling for quite some time now.
Right now it seems to me as if I have seen/met very few good listeners in this world. Everybody around is out there to make a point. Man has given up on the age old use of weapons and is using words instead to fight for himself, establish himself, and prove himself. One might just say something to make himself heard so that he feels good about it. The air around seems to be polluted all the time by words.
There are so many lessons a child learns about how to speak. But to think of it, isn’t listening an important aspect of language as well? How many schools teach this? My school had a class called “Listening skills?. I know I have not been good student in that respect, but yet consider myself lucky to have been a part of such a class.
People are so engrossed in putting forth their ideas/thoughts that they forget to listen to others. And “people? includes me as well. I remember being in situations where I could have waited for a while, given the other person some more time, listened to him a little more patiently.
I know listening is a mundane activity i.e. we do it all the time. But it is an art and it demands a lot of patience. However if done well I am sure it enriches a person.
Hence once in a while it is really refreshing to see people listen. Not just listen to me. It’s great to observe how they listen to others; how they are absorbing the words they hear.
It’s a joy to see this word digestion process; it shows on the person’s face. So this is for all such people I met through my life. Thank you for listening!!

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