My first blog

This is just a trial…
not gonna write much..what if this doesn’t get published on my blog at all :)…
well..lemme write something anyways…
Caesura…i didnt know this word till i was looking up another one while thinking about
a name for my blog..i like the word..its construct..pronounciation and meaning…
a pause dictated by natural rhythm…a breather…
i am hoping that my blog serves the same purpose for me…

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One Response to My first blog

  1. Nikhil K says:

    I hereby declare you a blogizen!
    Yeah, that is funny.Typing away not knowing if what you are writing is ever going to be posted :). Was the other word you were looking up by any chance “Caesaran Section”? 😛
    Anyways, keep the posts coming regularly, I wanna classify you fast.

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